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If you don't know what a proxy server is, please read the following:

A proxy server enables users to anonymously connect to the internet and browse websites on behalf of the computer serving as the proxy. It makes the websites the user visits believe that the computer acting as the proxy server is browsing the website. A client connects to the proxy server and requests a resource or file from the outside website. The proxy serves this resource either by cache or directly downloading the file.

When you use a web based proxy server you should be aware that the owner of that proxy server can store, manipulate or share your requests with 3rd parties. The website output can be altered to prevent scripts from running which can preserve the security of the user. DOES NOT store or intercept any requests other than raw server logs. You can be assured in trusting when browsing your favorite websites. We regularly delete our logs to ensure your information is safe. However, we shall report any and ALL abuse to the proper authorities.